The choice of independence, the strength of a collective

The choice of independence, the strength of a collective

With strong values underpinning the group since 1967, SEH (Société Européenne d’Hôtellerie) has shown real ambition in Europe. It boasts 550 hotels around Europe, each belonging to one of four hotel brands:

  •  P’tit Dej-Hotel, an economy hotel brand accessible to everybody
  •  Inter-Hotel, the leading  mid-range two- and three-star hotel brand.
  •  Qualys-Hotel, a collection of characterful high-end hotels
  •  Relais du Silence, charming and characterful establishments in protected environments.

A cooperative at the service of the hotels

SEH brings a comprehensive range of services to its hotels: publicity, marketing, a loyalty programme, brand image, e-distribution, purchasing, training, quality, etc: a variety of actions which serve the hotels directly by optimising and improving their operations and profitability, and enabling them to offer quality services to their guests.

The cooperative system as a philosophy and shared foundations

Whichever the country of the hotel, SEH draws its dynamism from the strength of its cooperative system and the wealth of expertise developed and continued by its varying establishments:

  • A mindset founded upon solidarity, transparency and confidence
  • A network belonging to its members, all independent entrepreneurs

The choice of independence, the strength of a collective

With four brands and its European network, SEH is in a position to offer all of its customers – the general public, major companies, many of which are listed, and tourism professionals around the world – a wide and comprehensive range of hotels, from economy to five-star, catering to all needs.

Multi-brand dynamism, the pooling of resources, sales and marketing support and the cooperative spirit among members portray SEH as a solid alternative to hotel chain franchises for independent hotels.

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