Our solutions for groups

Our solutions for groups

A varied offer for your groups to suit any budget

With its 4 distinctive brands and 530 hotels, SEH (Société Européenne d'Hôtellerie) provides groups with a unique hotelier product.

Inter-Hotel: 300 independent 2 and 3-star hotels throughout France for lunch stops, breakfast stops, stopovers, accommodation and group tours. Inter-Hotel is the true benchmark for independent hotels.

P'tit Dej-Hotel: 40 independent 1 and 2-star hotels throughout France for lunch stops, breakfast stops and stopovers. A new, affordable, practical and good quality hotel brand.

Qualys-Hotel: 35 independent 3 and 4-star hotels providing high-end services for exceptional group stays throughout France and Italy, primarily in cities.  

Relais du Silence: a selection of independent 3, 4 and 5-star hotels in France and Europe, for small niche groups looking for a special setting and high-end services.

A special Groups loyalty scheme

SEH has set up the 'SEH Group Incentive' loyalty scheme exclusive to group tourism professionals. 

We reward your loyalty: the more groups you confirm, the more "SEH gift vouchers" you earn. 

Collect your gift vouchers to get a night's stay or a dinner in one of our 530 hotels in France or abroad. 

- Each night reserved = a €20 SEH gift voucher.
- Each lunch stop reserved = a €10 SEH gift voucher.

E.g.: for a group of 3 nights, you get €60 in SEH gift vouchers, valid for 1 year and for accommodation or food in the 530 hotels in our network.

How do you join our SEH Groups loyalty scheme?

Your group or lunch stop request must be submitted to the SEH Groups department at groups@seh-hotels.com or Tel.: +33 1 70 23 81 64 
Contact Laurent Mercier (l.mercier@seh-hotels.com / Tel.: +33 1 44 49 70 96) after the group stay or lunch stop to receive your reward in the form of SEH gift vouchers.

A 'turnkey stay' brochure

View our selection of 'turnkey' Group stays from two to seven nights in 19 destinations across France. 

A Groups Welcome Charter approved by our hoteliers

SEH has produced a group welcome charter. It has been approved by all of our hoteliers to guarantee quality services and a warm welcome for your groups during their stay.

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