The history of SEH United Hoteliers

The history of SEH United Hoteliers

For 50 years, SEH United Hoteliers has asserted itself through a spirit and a philosophy that unite and guarantee the expertise of hoteliers loyal to the hotelier tradition and who love their job and their region. With its four brands, SEH United Hoteliers has now adopted a true European ambition. 

Some key dates

  • 1967: Inter-Hotel, an international tourism and business chain, was set up by independent hoteliers in the south west of France, in the form of a non-profit organisation.
  • 1968: Relais du Silence, a chain of quiet, boutique hotels, was set up in the Rhône-Alpes region, also in the form of a non-profit organisation.
  • 1988/1989: Inter-Hotel became a Cooperative Public Limited Company with variable capital (L'Européenne d'Hôtellerie) with a Supervisory Board made up of elected hoteliers, representing the different regions of France, and a Board of Directors.

Also transformed into a Cooperative Public Limited Company with variable capital, Relais du Silence underwent reorganisation and internationalisation, with a Management Board made up of elected hoteliers representing the different countries.

  • 2009: the P'tit Dej-Hotel and Qualys-Hotel brands were created.
  • 2010: the two cooperatives merged to form the Société Européenne d'Hôtellerie (SEH), making it the leading multi-brand cooperative group of independent hoteliers.
  • 2011: SEH | United Hoteliers was set up. 
  • 2012: it turned to Country Managers to develop its presence on the international stage, covering the following destinations: Spain, Italy, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
  • 2014: SEH United Hoteliers now represents:
    • 4 brands
    • 550 hotels, 1 to 5 stars
    • A presence in 10 European countries
    • 20,000 rooms
    • 4,800 hotel employees
    • More than 45 employees at the group head office
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